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Making Wellington safer one house at a time

In an earthquake, or when young children are about, freestanding furniture and unrestrained objects can pose serious risks of injury, or worse, to people and pets in your household. That’s why we help busy home owners, like you, to securely fasten objects without interfering with your home’s aesthetics.

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Earthquake Bracing

Baby Proofing

TV Wall Mounting

Furniture Assembly

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We offer FREE home earthquake and
baby-proofing assessments every Friday.

Make sure your home is safe, use the calendar to select an available assessment time. Our technician will call you to confirm your request.

If Friday’s aren’t good for you, just give us a call to arrange an assessment for another day.

June 2021

To book flat-pack assembly or TV Wall-mounting, please call us to discuss your needs and secure a time.

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