Quake Bracing

Wellington Earthquake Protection

Is your family at risk in the event of an earthquake?

Earthquakes strike without warning and often leave people asking themselves why they weren’t better prepared.

Commonplace household items can turn deadly if not securely braced.

Televisions can be one of the most overlooked household appliances likely to topple in a shake. We have a wide range of TV wall mount options to suit any application for both home and commercial settings.

Brace Yourself offer a range of security brackets and straps for furniture and appliances, ensuring that in the case of a severe earthquake you are doing the utmost to protect family and friends.

Get it right the first time with professional advice and installation. Call today to get a free in home safety assessment.

We secure furniture and objects at risk of toppling and causing severe injuries in an earthquake

  • Bookshelves
  • Drawers
  • Televisions
  • Freestanding wardrobes
  • Display cabinets
  • Hall tables and sideboards
  • Filing Cabinets
  • Artworks and mirrors
  • Precious ornaments and heirlooms

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June 2021

To book flat-pack assembly or TV Wall-mounting, please call us to discuss your needs and secure a time.

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