Our Story

One small action can make a life-saving difference

As a parent myself I realised just how much could and probably would go wrong at home in an earthquake.

I started looking for solutions to protect my family and discovered there really wasn’t much out there to help other parents and decided to set up Brace Yourself.

One of the immediate challenges I came up against was the time involved in shopping around for the various products we needed. Running a business and a family really requires 25 hours in the day and it’s easy to put off the little jobs in place of the seemingly big jobs we all face taking care of children.

With that in mind and hearing the same barriers from other parents, I went looking for a range of in home safety products I could offer and install for the busy parent.

It quickly became apparent, like at home the workplace was also a standout risk area that needed help, so I set about creating solutions to secure the office environment as well.

Let me help you minimize any potential risk factors in home or at work to be sure that you’re looking after the people closest to you day to day.

Simon Cuff

Owner / Technician Brace Yourself

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