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Are You Protected In An Earthquake?

Brace yourself are specialist installers of non-structural seismic restraints in residential dwellings. This means we keep bookshelves, TVs, tallboys, microwaves, and anything else that risks toppling and causing injury, safely in place in the event of an earthquake.

Have you assessed your homes topple risks? 

It’s the things we take for granted that are most likely to cause harm in a shake. Commonplace appliances can turn deadly if not securely braced or mounted including televisions, fridges and chests of drawers.

Bracing your household furniture and appliances has never been easier but requires technical ability and time, both of which a busy family often lacks or overlooks.

Brace Yourself offer an in home assessment solution based approach to ensure you have done all that you can to protect the people closest to you from fall risks.

How Safe Is Your Home?

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NZ Earthquake Information from GeoNet

View severity of earthquakes, reported and measured shaking in New Zealand in the last hour.

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Baby Proofing Your Wellington Home


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Preparing a home for a new baby can be daunting. Where do you start when it comes to eliminating household risks that we take for granted on a daily basis? Brace Yourself offer the full range of Dream Baby baby safe products for parents wanting to baby proof their home.

Dream Baby have a range of baby safe products to not only help make your home safer, but also to make life easier across the board. Their kitchen and bathroom range are designed to put your mind at ease. Some of the standout items include their award-winning safety gates, locks, latches, both safe and style friendly.

Brace Yourself – Book a free in-home 10 Point Safety Check covering all the risk points and products, ask us about it today!

We take care of the little things that matter most

- Simon Cuff

As a parent myself I realised just how much could and probably would go wrong at home in an earthquake.

I started looking for solutions to protect my family and discovered there really wasn’t much out there to help other parents and decided to set up Brace Yourself.

One of the immediate challenges I came up against was the time involved in shopping around for the various products we needed. Running a business and a family really requires 25 hours in the day and it’s easy to put off the little jobs in place of the seemingly big jobs we all face taking care of children.

With that in mind and hearing the same barriers from other parents, I went looking for a range of in home safety products I could offer and install for the busy parent.

It quickly became apparent, like at home the workplace was also a standout risk area that needed help, so I set about creating solutions to secure the office environment as well.

Let me help you minimize any potential risk factors in home or at work to be sure that you’re looking after the people closest to you day to day.

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We offer FREE home earthquake and
baby-proofing assessments every Friday.

Make sure your home is safe, use the calendar to select an available assessment time. Our technician will call you to confirm your request.

If Friday’s aren’t good for you, just give us a call to arrange an assessment for another day.

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